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De-foamer Fluid

Defoamer Fluid

£90.00 per unit

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De-Foamer 'Clean Up' Fluid: The application of a very small amount of our biodegradable defoamer to the surface of the foam and a little agitation will cause the foam to pop and “fizz away” turning the majority of it back to water making it easy to brush away. The defoamer also stops the foam from foaming-up in vacuum cleaners so you can use a wet/dry vac to simply vacuum the residue up. You can even pump the residual water out of the door with a puddle pump!

Defoamer concentrate should be mixed with water in a ratio of 2:1000 (5 litres makes 100 litres) prior to application. The mixed product should be sprayed onto the surface of the foam. For great, speedy results use a pressure pot (see

You can buy any of our standard range foam fluids online although if you require your own label, larger quantities or a fluid to fulfil and specific need, then please contact our offices for expert advice and prices.