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Premium Smoke Machine Cleaning Kit

Quick Dispersal Smoke Fluid

£9.99 per unit

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Designed to keep your machines working at their best BST's smoke machine cleaner comes ready to use in this 250 ml bottle, enough to clean two smoke machines, together with 250 ml of de-mineralised water with which to flush through the machine after cleaning.

Remember also that BST produce a range of “standard” fluids as well as manufacturing special formulations to meet specific customer needs. With extensive knowledge in the production of smoke fluids, BST can advise on and manufacture a fluid with the particular characteristics required by the customer – taking into consideration; smoke density, opacity, hang-time, speed of dispersal, cost, fragrance, colour and packaging.

You can buy any of our standard range smoke fluids online although if you require your own label, larger quantities or a fluid to fulfil and specific need, then please contact our offices for expert advice and prices.